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The short version: Tapelab is all about music production, songwriting, mixing and boosting the skills of musical talent through our academy. But of course there’s more to it. Think of us as your creative partner, production team and mentor.

About us

Tapelab is the musical child of Mintzkov (gold at Humo’s Rock Rally in 2000) synth-wizard/Part Time Punk’s producer Pascal Oorts. He left his mark on the diverse sounds of Sonhouse, Chackie Jam, Adil, JVK, TNTS, Keith Merlin and many more. As a professional musician, composer, mixer, music producer and studio engineer he has been working with Logic Pro and Ableton Live. As a freelance audio engineer he’s been entertaining the crowds at TRIX, Antwerp.

let's find your sound

Our aim is to create your sound. Songs that feel like “you”. We make sure you finish this process feeling confident and proud of what you’re creating.

Browse below and give our work a listen, read some of the stories of artists that work with us, and learn more about our process. Whenever you feel like it, contact us or drop by for a chat.







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It all starts with an idea

A chord progression, a sound, a few words or even a voice memo you recorded once on the train. However the idea materialises, we uncover its potential and get creative.

Then we turn it into a song

Starting from scratch or tying together loose parts, we let the music flow and apply songwriting essentials that turn it into a song.

Make it yours

Everyone has a story. And even if you don’t know it yet, somewhere deep down, you have an artistic vision and a specific taste for aesthetics. We find yours and turn it into your unique sound. Then we apply it to arrangements, song structure, sound design and, of course, recording.

Make it sound banger

We turn the knobs and dive into the tiniest details to create an incredible immersive sound experience. We use our years of experience to do your song justice and have it radio-ready.

And then make sure the world hears it

Uploading that very first track on Spotify feels amazing, but we can do so much more. Tapelab’s got you covered with full-blown release campaigns on social media and beyond. We’ll set the stage your music deserves.

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Tapelab studios

Feel free to drop by our studios in the very heart of Antwerp.

  • Professional, yet cosy studio
  • Creative hub thriving on music
  • Walking distance from Antwerp Central Train Station

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